Crum Chiropractic- Volume #12, issue number 5

Recovering From Sports Injuries

Last month I spent five days in Chicago attending continuing education classes. The topic of discussion was sports injuries. When I was in chiropractic college 25 years ago, sports injuries were usually associated with athletes; well trained, young men and women. Today, there is need to rethink the typical sports injury. More adults continue to participate in sports and other endeavors that put the person in danger of traumatic injury. The type and rate of repair is dramatically different as we age. Whether you play to win or just for fun, chiropractic can enhance your health and fitness program. Since chiropractic has helped everyone from youth soccer players to Olympic athletes, imagine what it can do for you and your family!

A child's growing bones and developing soft tissues are especially susceptible to injury. Chiropractic can help correct structural problems that might otherwise interfere with your child's normal growth.

Teens are no strangers to injuries during those "invincible" years. And college-bound athletes face far more serious competition. That's why spinal care is a smart move at any age.

While you may consider yourself to be in top form, research shows that discs and muscles in the low back area can degenerate-without symptoms- in healthy adults starting as young as 28 years of age. Studies have followed this degeneration from 19 year olds through 74 years of age. The degeneration was just from everyday spinal stress. In addition, as we age, we lose muscle tone, placing more stress on the already thinning discs-leaving the spine more vulnerable to injury.

Nearly every sports injury leads to joint misalignment and muscular imbalance. These imbalances accelerate the wear and tear on the connective tissues and predisposes you to further discomfort and limitation. Don't be sidelined from your favorite activity. Whether you've been injured at home, at work, or at play, discover how we can speed up your recovery, and improve your performance.

Yours for good health-naturally,

Dr. S. Brian Crum

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