Dr. Crum’s Top Ten Healthy Back Tips


10. Exercise regularly. This does not have to be anything strenuous. Something as simple as a daily walk can make a difference.

9. Eat a healthy diet. Proper nutrition allows the body to repair itself more quickly and completely.

8. Maintain good posture. Are you sitting up straight as you read this?

7. Stretch your spine before and after sports activities.

6. Stretch your legs and back after each twenty minutes of sitting, whether in your car, at the theater, watching television or sitting at the desk .

5. Don’t overload your back or purse. Carry the weight across both shoulders to balance the load.

4. Never cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder.

3. Sleep on your back or on your side. Stomach sleepers put a tremendous stress on the muscles and ligaments particularly of the upper back and neck.

2. Invest in custom seating, mattress and pillows. When you think about the amount of time you spend using them it is easy to see the wisdom of this investment.

And the number 1 tip…

Have regular spinal check ups. “An adjustment, in time, saves nine!”

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